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We use only Ettore professional window cleaning products. From our tools to the type of cleaner we use, we focus on efficiency, reliability, and quality. Glass is a porous material which will hold dirt and moisture. Moisture can cause hard-water stains that can be very difficult to remove. The soap we use not only cleans the window, it actually leaves an invisible film on the glass that protects the window from moisture and stays on longer than most other cleaning chemicals thereby giving you a longer lasting layer of protection. Some companies charge to brush, wipe and remove built-up dirt and debris from screens and window sills, but this is a complimentary service provided for all G&G window customers.

We clean a variety of different surfaces for the homeowner. The most common are concrete and siding. Algae and mildew are the main causes for these to be cleaned. Dirt, algae and mildew are erased from concrete with a high pressure spray and the use of a special pressure tip called a rotor tip. Algae on your siding is green in color and usually on the shaded side of your house. Mildew is a blackish color and usually shows up by vents and exterior walls where bathrooms are located. Normally, it is easier to see algae than mildew. If the house is wet, though, the mildew is more obvious. Vinyl siding is one type of surface that is very susceptible to both. We use a combination of chemicals and low pressure to clean and remove them. The chemical is applied and, after a short period of time, we rinse the house with water. The chemicals we use are environmentally friendly so they won't harm your landscaping or animals.

We clean all glass or crystal surfaces on that hard-to-reach chandelier.

We clean the total exterior surface of your skylights.

There are all kinds of reasons that people have us clean their mirrors. Some mirrors are hard to reach, some are very large, and always it's very hard to clean a mirror without leaving streaks. Our cleaning method leaves our customers with a clear, streak-free reflection of a smiling, satisfied face.

Always a FREE service to all our G&G window service customers!

By popular request, we are now featuring holiday lighting. We have the ladders, we have the experience, let us serve you in yet another way. Save yourself the hassle of this time-consuming and sometimes hazardous task. We put up your lights the way you want them! Let us light up your holiday!

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